• Fragile/The Blues Interlude6:41
  • Broach Approach15:29
  • Be Truthful10:17

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feel the music

What do you call reality?

Webster’s dictionary defines reality as “the fact or state of being

real or genuine.” Mike Wade’s definition of reality is “to put God first for then my music is blessed, no matter what style, be it classical, gospel, jazz, hip-hop, or go go.” Mike Wade can blow his trumpet in hard bop style, hence his nickname “Shorty Bop”, and he can also play funky grooves that make you want to swing.

Mike Wade began playing trumpet in his pre teen years. While attending the Duke Ellington School of Arts in Washington, D.C., he received a National Symphony Fellowship to study with symphony trumpeters. He attended Howard University for one year before transferring to

Central State University on full scholarship, where he received his bachelor’s in music education. He is no stranger to the titles of producer, composer, arranger, and educator. He is also the founder and leader of the Standard Time Quintet, Mike Wade & The Jazz Mafia, and the Mike Wade Reality Band.

​​February 2020

+ 02/22/20- CAMEO in Florida

02/28/20- The Jazz Heritage Orchestra in Cleveland

March 2020

03/07/20- The Nasty Nati Brass Band at The Bircus Brewery in Ludlow, KY: Showtime: 8pm

​April 2020

+ 04/04/20- The Mike Wade Quartet @ The Washington Platform, 100 Elm St., Cinti., OH 45202; Showtime: 8:30pm to 11:30pm; NO COVER

04/25/20- The Jazz Heritage Orchestra is performing at Cleveland State University

May 2020

+ 05/09/20- The Mike Wade Quartet @ Caffe Vivace, 975 E. McMillan St., Cinti., OH 45206. Showtime- 8:30pm to 11:30pm

05/16/20- CAMEO in Atlanta

+ 05/26/20 thru 05/30/20- The International Trumpet Guild Conference in Columbus, OH @ The Hyatt Regency